The Vikings Collection

The Vikings Collection

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Vikings – the mere mention of their name conjures vivid images of fearsome, relentless warriors, sweeping down from their Nordic homelands to pillage and plunder during the Dark Ages of European history. The sight of their famous longships on the horizon struck fear into even the bravest of enemies, while their prowess in battle spawned legends that are told to this day. From Scandinavia to Valhalla, raids across Europe to New World settlements, this HISTORY™, reveals why the Vikings were called the "Hells Angels of the Middle Ages".

Genres Documentary
Shows The Vikings
Release Date 05/05/2020
BHE Barcode 9318500083555
Language Subtitles English
Disc Aspect Ratio 16:9 FF
Audio Type Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
No of Discs 6
Classification M
Running Time (min) 260 mins
Media Type DVD
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