SlugTerra: The Emperor's Revenge

SlugTerra: The Emperor's Revenge

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The Emperor has returned! Fuelled by rage and dark magic, he sets to work reclaiming the Eastern Caverns with new superweapons at his side: the Unstoppable Warriors. True to their name, the huge Warriors seem impossible to beat. As the Shane Gang race across the Eastern Caverns in search of a way to defeat them, they come up against hordes of Underlords and the fury of the Dai-Fu. Junjie's ancestors thwarted the Emperor's schemes for centuries, but they never faced a threat like this. Now all hope lies with the Shane Gang to defeat the Emperor once and for all.

Genres Children's Children's Animated
Shows Slugterra
Release Date 06/06/2018
BHE Barcode 9318500078643
Disc Aspect Ratio 16:9 FF
System Format NTSC
Disc Region 4
Audio Type Dolby Digital 5.1
No of Discs 1
Classification PG
Running Time (min) 88
Media Type DVD
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