The Men Who Built America: Box Set Complete Collection

The Men Who Built America

Meet the titans of industry who forged the foundations of a modern America and continue to inspire the pursuit of the fabled American Dream. In this epic mini-series, HISTORY™ shines a spotlight on the influential builders, dreamers and believers whose feats of enterprise during the Gilded Age transformed the United States from a nation reeling the Civil War into the greatest economic and technological powerhouse in the world. From oil baron John D. Rockefeller, transport tycoon Cornelius Vanderbilt and steel magnate Andrew Carnegie, to automotive pioneer Henry Ford and corporate financier J.P. Morgan, The Men Who Built America tells the story of a nation at the crossroads, and of the people who catapulted it to prosperity.

The Men Who Built America: Frontiersmen

Produced by Academy Award® winner Leonardo DiCaprio, this series spans the first 75 years of U.S. history through the stories of the iconic trailblazers who set forth across the treacherous frontier to help build America. This four part documentary series features pioneers such as Daniel Boone, Lewis and Clark, Tecumseh, Andrew Jackson, Davy Crocket and Kit Carson as they set forth across an uncharted land with determination and self-reliance.

The Cars That Made America

The epic stories of the men under the hood who rose to fame and fortune and the losers who crashed and burned on the race to glory. One machine would create empires, destroy lives, divide us and unite us. An idea that would change everything. The automobile steered America at every turn throughout modern history, but the stories of those behind the wheel are not what the world has seen. From the start of the engine to today - it's shadowy legends hold titans and devils, genius and failure, with one constant - the automobile has influenced us at every turn.

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