Man Vs Wild

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Bear Grylls is a seasoned adventurer who served with the Special Air Service, a special forces unit of the British army, where he was trained as a survival expert. His experiences include climbing Mount Everest, crossing the freezing North Atlantic Ocean in a small, open boat and climbing a Himalayan peak described by Sir Edmund Hillary as 'unclimbable'.

He has been places and done things that would defeat most normal people. But now, he is up against something completely different. In each episode of Man Vs Wild Bear strands himself in popular wilderness destinations where tourists often find themselves lost or in danger. As he finds his way back to civilization, he demonstrates local survival techniques.

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Season 6 After five seasons of being dropped off in remote locales around the globe, survival expert and extreme adventurer Bear Grylls finds new extreme de...


Season 5 Armed with little more than his SAS training and adventurer's spirit, Bear Grylls heads back into the wild to tackle even more extreme survival cha...


Season 4 Relive all thrilling moments from Man Vs Wild Season 4 with Bear Grylls as he comes face to face with the gruelling task of navigating remote locat...


Season 3 Follow Ex-British SAS soldier, elite endurance adventurer and adrenaline junkie Bear Grylls ventures into the most unforgiving and hostile environm...


Season 2 After going places and experiencing situations that defeat most people, Bear Grylls' survival mettle is tried and tested in the second season of Ma...


Season 1 Revisit Bear Grylls ground breaking first season of Man Vs Wild. With his extreme survival skills, almost-superhuman endurance and a whole host of ...

Learn how to survive with Bear Grylls' brand new show: Escape From Hell

Learn how to survive with Bear Grylls' brand new show: Escape From Hell

Whether you're a keen trekker or somebody who's never stepped a foot in the outdoors, you would have heard the name - Bear Grylls at least once....

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