Drawn Together

In the world's first animated reality series, icons from vastly different reaches of the cartoon universe are brought together with a bang and plenty of cameras to catch their exploits. Here's what happens when eight cartoon characters stop being polite and start getting real.

In this spoof of reality TV shows, such as ''The Real World'' and ''Big Brother'', these eight distinct - and dysfunctional - cartoon archetypes are flung together and forced to put up with each other. Through various misadventures ranging from scintillating to shocking to downright strange, these eight roomies probe each other’s personalities and push each other’s buttons. This animated series is designed for adults - no children allowed.

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Drawn Together: Season 3


Season 3 All the blood, puke and boobs you love are back for the third and final season of Drawn Together. The dirtiest, deadliest, sexiest, and funkiest Dr...


Season 2 Drawn Together is back for an amazing second season. Remember, this is the incredible true story of eight cartoon characters from all walks of life...


Season 1 Its Drawn Together, the show that finally answers the question which has plagued mankind since the beginning of time and stuff: Can cartoon charact...

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