Deadliest Catch

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Over many unbelievable voyages, the Emmy© award winning series Deadliest Catch has captured the most gut-wrenching and awe-inspiring moments in maritime history.

Crab fishing off the Alaska coast is the ultimate test of human endurance. The icy Bering Sea is increasingly relentless with boat-capsizing swells, icebergs and freezing temperatures. Yet, a handful of adventurers battle Arctic weather, brutal waves and a ticking clock for a chance at big money in this modern day gold rush.

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Season 9 Rough waves and fierce weather make winter on the Bering Sea a difficult and dangerous place to do business, and for the fishermen who work these w...


Season 8 This season's Deadliest Catch crews have their fishing quota slashed by almost half bringing home a cold economic reality - how will they make enou...


Season 7 In the far northern reaches of the planet a rare breed of extreme fishermen hunt the Bering Sea. Adventure is their call, crab is their prey, and a...


Season 6 The Emmy Award Winning series Deadliest Catch returns for a sixth season, taking viewers deep into the Bering Sea with five skippers and their crew...


Season 5 The rugged adventurers who work in the most brutal fishing seasons on the planet - Red King Crab and Opilio Crab - are the real deal. With the mind...


Season 4 The Emmy-nominated series returns for its fourth season, following the now legendary captains and crews of five crab-fishing vessels on the Bering ...


Season 3 Venture into the dark waters of the Bering Sea with eight crab fishing boats and their crews through the world's two most difficult and dangerous f...


Season 2 October in Dutch Harbor means only one thing: king crab season, and a chance to bring home the big bucks. With Bering Sea weather reports warning o...


Season 1 $140,000 for five days' work is a job some men would die for. And some men do ... Forty-foot waves, freezing temperatures and a near 100-percent in...

Deadliest Catch embarks on landmark Tenth Season

Deadliest Catch embarks on landmark Tenth Season

On Alaska’s harsh, unforgiving Bering Sea, in the depths of a Northern Winter, a rare breed of men and women embark on the search for one of the...

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