Avengers Assemble: Season 2

The Avengers have no time to rest as THANOS comes to Earth in pursuit of the powerful INFINITY STONES. To bolster their ranks, Tony Stark uncovers a long-lost secret from his past: ARSENAL, a super-android created by his father. While our heroes are able to keep Thanos at bay the Avengers now face the return of old foes including the unstoppable ULTRON and HYPERION”S SQUADRON SUPREME. but the cost of defeating these villains will leave the team DISASSEMBLED. In the end, will the addition of the Astonishing ANT-MAN be enough to tip the scales in the final confrontation against Thanos and his BLACK ORDER? Stay tuned, True Believers!

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Avengers Assemble New Frontiers

Avengers Assemble: The Mad Titan

Brand new Marvel animated series – on DVD!

Brand new Marvel animated series – on DVD!

This September, Beyond Home Entertainment brings Marvel’s mightiest superheroes to DVD.

Produced by Marvel Television, Guardians ...

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