All Grown Up: Season 3

Everyone’s favourite big-kid rugrats are at it again! Season 3 of All Grown Up is jam-packed with more wacky adventures and even crazier mishaps. Tommy and Dil lose their grandpa at the biggest water park in town, Chuckie becomes obsessed with a role-playing card game, Susie worries about college, the gang faces the curse of Reptar, Lil rises as the star soccer player while Dil copes with being the new mascot, and Angelica must finally learn to treat others kindly. No one is spared from teenage embarrassment, school drama, acne, and worries about the future, but with all the misadventures they encounter while growing up, these friends since diaper days learn that they can’t forget their past. Don’t suffer the wrath of Reptar, dude! Join Tommy and his best buds on their journey, and learn the ropes of teenage life. Sorta.

  • Dvd / Blu-Ray
All Grown Up Collector's Edition

All Grown Up: Season 3

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