All Grown Up

It’s the rugrats you’ve come to know and love… but now they’re All Grown Up! Tommy, Chuckie, Angelica and the rest of your rugrats favourites are now preteens going through the rigours of searching for a place to fit in, finding ways to survive girl and guy trouble, discovering their individuality and making it through junior high.

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All Grown Up Collector's Edition

All Grown Up: Season 4

All Grown Up: Season 5

All Grown Up: Season 3

All Grown Up: Season 1

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Season 5 From dirty diapers in the playpen, to high school and love-struck hearts, and everything in between, we’ve watched everyone’s favourite gang of rug...


Season 4 They’re all grown up, and Tommy and his best buds are still shouting it out! Season 4 of Nickelodeon’s hit television show All Grown Up featuring t...


Season 3 Everyone’s favourite big-kid rugrats are at it again! Season 3 of All Grown Up is jam-packed with more wacky adventures and even crazier mishaps. T...


Season 2 In Season Two of All Grown Up Tommy and Chuckie confront the weird outcome of an aptitude test, Angelica starts a gossip chat room, Dil’s imaginary...


Season 1 Come along for the wild ride in Season One of All Grown Up. Take a listen to Susie’s awesome pipes, watch Chuckie, YES Chuckie, go head-to-head wit...

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