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Sanctuary Sanctuary follows the adventures of the beautiful, enigmatic and always surprising Dr. Helen Magnus.

Ancient Aliens

Ancient Aliens Did extra-terrestrials communicate with ancient civilisations and provide assistance and support to them? Are these alien influences still evident ...


Andromeda Follow Captain Dylan Hunt and the military starship Andromeda as they attempt to restore order to the cosmos!


Lexx Follow the adventures of a group of desperate fugitives aboard the Lexx, the most powerful destructive force in the two universes.

Space 1999

Space 1999 When nuclear waste detonates on Earth, the inhabitants of Moonbase Alpha are sent on a fantastical journey of discovery through the galaxy in this ...


Farscape Join astronaut John Crichton as he journeys home, hunted by the merciless Peacekeeper forces and saved by the strange crew of Moya.

Mutant X

Mutant X Mutant X chronicles the adventures of a team of human mutants who, as a result of genetic engineering, possess super human powers.

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