Gangsters: America's Most Evil

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Take a fascinating look at the USA’s most dangerous criminals and the agents who brought them down. They are figures that sent shockwaves across the landscape of American life. Names that rocketed up the ‘Most Wanted’ lists of law enforcement agencies across the United States, and which required expensive, large-scale operations to bring to justice.

Harry “Taco” Bowman was the president of the Outlaws Motorcycle Club, who could only be brought down by a crucial informant within their ranks; Juan Raul Garza, the notorious drugs kingpin, became the first felon targeted for death by the federal government in over 30 years; Luis “King Blood” Felipe ran the New York chapter of the infamous Latin Kings street gang from inside his prison cell.

Gangsters: America's Most Evil sees these chilling names and more finally brought to light, alongside fascinating revelations of the major operations required to make them accountable for their terrible crimes.

  • Dvd / Blu-Ray
Gangsters: America's Most Evil

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