Carl Barron

As one of the most famous comedians in Australia, Carl Barron represents Australia at its finest: honest, down to earth and funny. He has performed in many countries and many comedy shows, proving that Aussie comedy can pass the language barrier and that Barron is a funny man we are proud to call our own.

Carl Barron is known around Australia for his quick wit and humorous comments on his life in Australia and abroad. As one of Australia’s most loved stand-up comedians, Carl Barron’s observational style and original approach to comedy is enticing and fun, keeping audiences on their toes. His comedy is popular all over the world, having performed throughout Australia, New York, Los Angeles, South Africa, Auckland, London, Ireland, Norway, Singapore, Denmark, Sweden and Edinburgh.

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Carl Barron: A One Ended Stick

Carl Barron: A One Ended Stick

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Carl Barron's feature film debut coming to cinemas

Carl Barron's feature film debut coming to cinemas

Australia’s most successful comedian Carl Barron makes his feature film debut when MANNY LEWIS comes to Australian cinemas on 12 March.


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