Greatest Missions Of WWII

Greatest Missions Of WWII This Greatest Missions of WWII Collection from History Channel takes an in-depth look at some of the major battles and incidents that figured promi...

Hitler & The Third Reich

Hitler & The Third Reich Follow the rise and fall of 20th Century’s most feared dictator, Adolf Hitler, and the Third Reich.

Live To Tell

Live To Tell LIVE TO TELL takes a personal, intimate and revealing look into contemporary U.S. Special Operations Forces and their missions, as told by those wh...

Blood & Glory: The Civil War in Colour

Blood & Glory: The Civil War in Colour Blood & Glory: The Civil War in Colour brings this important historical event to life in a four-part documentary series as never seen before.

Frontier Wars

Frontier Wars Featuring worldwide acclaimed musician Kenny Rogers, the FRONTIER WARS contains the most famous Native American wars in history.

The Wild West

The Wild West Join host Kenny Rogers and HISTORY for a round-up of the most legendary cowboys and notorious outlaws of America’s western frontier in THE WILD WEST.

Outgunned & Undermanned: Survival Against The Odds

Outgunned & Undermanned: Survival Against The Odds From World War II to modern warfare, this Survival Against The Odds Collector’s Set takes you behind the lines of engagement of hard-fought armed c...

Weapons of War

Weapons of War Experience the most advanced weaponry of warfare.

D-Day Lost Films

D-Day Lost Films In the spirit of WORLD WAR II IN HD and VIETNAM IN HD, this 2-part special event features the most critical military operation of World War II. For...

Modern Sniper

Modern Sniper Infinitely adaptable and frighteningly lethal, the modern sniper faces challenges and missions that their predecessors could never have imagined. S...

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