Creature Features: Ultimate Horror

Creature Features: Ultimate Horror With creature feature movies a long-running theatrical mainstay; older adherents and Johnny-come-lately fans will delight in this flea-bitten and b...

Fully Loaded: Schlock Horror

Fully Loaded: Schlock Horror Steady yourself for a movie collection that not only refuses to compromise when it comes to grime, gore and depravity – it positively revels in the...

Zombies: Undead Flesh Eaters

Zombies: Undead Flesh Eaters This collection gathers some of the of most chilling movies to ever been produced and feature bona fide stars including Danny Trejo (Machete, From ...

Hillside Strangler

Hillside Strangler They lived to watch you die - Based on the true story of the Hillside Strangler who terrorized Los Angeles in 1978 and 1979. No one knew that the b...

Lethal Dose

Lethal Dose Double the Fear, Half the Chance - Re-formed by a coded message to their web site, a group of animal rights activists set off to free an imprisoned...

Night Of The Living Dead: 40Th Anniversary

Night Of The Living Dead: 40Th Anniversary In 1968 George A. Romero shocked the world with his gruesome story of five strangers locked into a desperate struggle against hordes of flesh eatin...

Hong Kong Legends

Hong Kong Legends Hong Kong Legends features the greatest talent to come out of the Orient, from the legendary Bruce Lee to the modern legends of Jackie Chan and Jet...

Prom Night 1-4 Pack

Prom Night 1-4 Pack Prom Night 1-4 Pack includes, Prom Night II - Hello Mary Lou, Prom Night III - The Last Kiss, and Prom Night IV - Deliver Us From Evil.


Fingerprints Fresh out of rehab, a young woman moves back in with her parents and sister, and soon becomes involved in a mystery that has left people in her tow...

Horror Triple Bill

Horror Triple Bill Driftwood, Dark Floors and Fingerprints

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