World War II Films Collection

World War II Films Collection Starring such luminaries as Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs), Gerard Depardieu (Life Of Pi), Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) and Rupert Grint (the Harry ...


Becket Peter O'Toole delivers an electrifying performance as the mischievous Henry II, who surprises England by naming his fellow rogue and trusted valet ...

Gods & Godesses

Gods & Godesses The world of the Ancient Greeks lives on today through its mythology. Did any of the stories in Greek mythology actually occur? We look at new arch...

Royal Wedding

Royal Wedding Tom and Ellen Bowen are a brother and sister dance act whose show closes in New York. Their agent books them in London for the same period as the R...

The Vikings

The Vikings From Scandinavia to Valhalla, raids in Europe to New World settlements, this is the saga of the most storied and colourful warriors of all time. Th...

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