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Knightfall Knightfall goes deep into the secret world of the Knights Templar, the most powerful, wealthy and mysterious military order of the Middle Ages who ...

Creature Features: Ultimate Horror

Creature Features: Ultimate Horror With creature feature movies a long-running theatrical mainstay; older adherents and Johnny-come-lately fans will delight in this flea-bitten and b...

Fully Loaded: Schlock Horror

Fully Loaded: Schlock Horror Steady yourself for a movie collection that not only refuses to compromise when it comes to grime, gore and depravity – it positively revels in the...

World War II Films Collection

World War II Films Collection Starring such luminaries as Harvey Keitel (Reservoir Dogs), Gerard Depardieu (Life Of Pi), Michael Sheen (Frost/Nixon) and Rupert Grint (the Harry ...

Zombies: Undead Flesh Eaters

Zombies: Undead Flesh Eaters This collection gathers some of the of most chilling movies to ever been produced and feature bona fide stars including Danny Trejo (Machete, From ...

The Champions

The Champions Having been endowed with superhuman powers by a mysterious race of beings, three secret agents embark on deadly world-wide missions: investigating ...

Marvel Knights

Marvel Knights Through the use of a hybrid comic-animation style Marvel Knights brings the pages of your favorite comic books to life!


Braquo A dark realistic cop series from world-famous filmmaker and former police office Olivier Marchal.

Hong Kong Legends

Hong Kong Legends Hong Kong Legends features the greatest talent to come out of the Orient, from the legendary Bruce Lee to the modern legends of Jackie Chan and Jet...

John Wayne

John Wayne 24 of John Wayne's early classics, from Riders Of Destiny, West Of The Divide, The Lucky Texan to The Dawn Rider, Angel And The Badman & more.

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