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Paranormal Cops

Paranormal Cops Paranormal Cops follows a group of larger-than-life cops who walk one beat during the day as real-life Chicago-area police officers and another at ...

Bad Ink

Bad Ink Set against the glitzy backdrop of Las Vegas, better known as `the mistake capitol of the world', "Bad Ink" is a buddy comedy with renowned tattoo ...

The Five Lives Of Criss Angel Mindfreak

The Five Lives Of Criss Angel Mindfreak The Magician of the Decade returns with his top-rated series MINDFREAK™ to attempt five of the most dangerous demonstrations in magic history.

Gene Simmons Family Jewels

Gene Simmons Family Jewels Rock on with Kiss front-man Gene Simmons in this hilarious family-based reality classic!

Ice Road Truckers

Ice Road Truckers During the harsh winter of Canada’s Northwest Territory, remote villages and work camps are cut off from the world. Hitch a risky ride along with t...

Rise Of Christinanity: The First 1000 Years

Rise Of Christinanity: The First 1000 Years From the Crucifixion to the coming of the Crusades, Rise Of Christinanity: The First 1000 Years, narrated by Ossie Davis, traces the rise of one of...

Steven Seagal Lawman

Steven Seagal Lawman An expert martial artist with a 7th-degree black belt in aikido, he ranks among the film industry’s greatest action stars. But Seagal isn’t just an...

The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man

The Legend Of Shelby The Swamp Man Shelby Stanga is the breakout star of Ax Men, but there's more to Shelby than swamp logging. He's a guy who almost never leaves the Atchafalaya Swa...

Dog Bounty Hunter

Dog Bounty Hunter Remember, you can run. But Dog'll get you.


Inked Hardcore and unflinching, take a real-life look at the pioneering Hart & Huntington Tattoo Company, where celebrity chic meets outsider art.

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