Set sail for adventure with Vic the Viking - on DVD now.

19/6/2015 | Beyond Home Entertainment

Set sail for adventure with Vic the Viking - on DVD now.

Set sail for fun with Vic the Viking, and share in the adventures of his Viking crew – currently thrilling young audiences on Ten, Eleven and now ABC3.

Whilst Vic may be small and diminutive, when his crew find themselves in a difficult situation in far flung corners of the seven seas, what he lacks in brute strength he more than makes up through his imagination, team-spirit and resourcefulness. So climb aboard and discover Vic's new adventures where comedy, friendship, inventiveness and mutual help are always key values!

A Franco-Australian co-production, Vic the Viking comes from Studio 100 the acclaim production house responsible for the hit children’s show Maya the Bee – also available on DVD from Beyond Home Entertainment.

Vic the Viking: Almost Treasure Island is available on DVD from June 3rd!

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