Aussie Danger Magnet Sam Fox coming soon to DVD!

12/8/2014 | Beyond Home Entertainment

Aussie Danger Magnet Sam Fox coming soon to DVD!

Beyond Home Entertainment is pleased to announce the upcoming DVD release of SLR Productions’ adventure series “Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures” on DVD in Australia. The first half of the show’s 26 episodes will be available on DVD this November 3rd; with the second half due for release in early-2015.

Currently thrilling audiences on Eleven every Sunday at 11 a.m., this adrenaline fuelled series features the outrageous antics of teenage ‘danger magnet’ Sam Fox, played by Remy Brand, who inadvertently finds himself braving killer sharks, man-eating leopards, erupting volcanoes, rampaging tornadoes and much, much more!

Based on the best selling comedy-action-adventure books by Aussie author Justin D’Ath, the series has been filmed at the South Australian Film Corporation’s brand new Adelaide Studios, as well as various stunning locations across South Australia.

Suzanne Ryan, executive producer and CEO of SLR Productions, states: "I am thrilled Beyond Home Entertainment will be releasing Sam Fox: Extreme Adventures locally. The series is already enjoying broadcast success here in Australia and Sam Fox's enjoyable 'edge of your seat' adventures make it a series that kids will enjoy watching over and over again."

In addition, SLR Productions has launched the dedicated interactive digital destination The website, created by The Project Factory, includes a Google Earth integration functionality and uses customized image and video footage from the show.

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