Jackie Chan: Trilogy

Jackie Chan: Trilogy

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Armour of God:
Now digitally restored for DVD, 'Armour Of God' is an explosive, high-energy Indiana Jones style action-adventure, which broke box-office records all over Asia, and firmly consolidated Jackie Chan's position as 'The World's Number One Action-Star'. Starring as 'The Asian Hawk', a bounty hunter and martial arts expert, with an insatiable taste for adventure, Jackie is blackmailed by a mysterious cult leader into acquiring 'the Armour of God' a mystical artifact from the Dark Ages, which holds the key to unlimited power.

The Young Master:
Filled with intricate, masterfully choreographed action sequences, clever sight-gags and fluid camerawork, this timeless classic, made in the mould of Hong Kong Legend best seller, "Drunken Master", is even today, one of Jackie Chan's top-grossing films of all time! This version is the fully uncut, digitally re-mastered and restored of Jackie Chan's amazing directorial debut

Police Story:
This digitally remastered and restored is packed with dynamic visuals and full-blooded fight action which is further electrified by the emotional and compelling storyline about an honest cop on the run from a false murder charge. Breaking new ground with its breathtaking fights and Incredible stunt sequences, Police Story features a top-notch cast, including multi-award winning actresses Brigitte Lin & Maggie Cheung. Of course in the case of this particular project the price of excellence was high, with many of Jackie's elite stunt team being seriously injured during the course of principal photography.

Genres Action
Shows Hong Kong Legends
Brands Hong Kong Legends
Release Date 01/08/2013
BHE Barcode 9318500049513
No of Discs 3
Classification M
Media Type DVD
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