How The World Made America

How The World Made America

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Everyone knows America is the land of immigrants, but how much do we really know about what drove those migrations in the first place? How The World Made America uncovers the great forces in history that set mankind in motion and helped shape the world we know today. This two-part documentary series will follow the migratory journeys of real people in history, revealing surprising and mind-blowing facts along the way. Through the exploration of immigrant’s strife, triumphs and contributions to society, How The World Made America offers an authentic look at patterns of migration with an emphasis on the massive movements of people since the Industrial Revolution.

Genres Documentary
Shows How The World Made America
Brands History
Release Date 07/02/2018
BHE Barcode 9318500077080
Disc Aspect Ratio 16:9 FF
System Format PAL
Disc Region 4
Audio Type Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
No of Discs 1
Classification M
Media Type DVD
Year of production 2017
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