ESPN: Boxing's Greatest Champions

ESPN: Boxing's Greatest Champions

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"1. MAX SCHMELING: THE CHAMPIONSHIP YEARS Max Schmeling’s clinical and studious approach in the ring, coupled with a deadly straight right with enormous stopping power, made him a force to be reckoned with around the world. See for yourself the power and skill that made Schmeling a worthy champion, with action from his controversial Title fights with the great Jack Sharkey, as well as the thrilling defence of his crown against ‘Young’ Stribling – a boxer who at the time had more Kos than any fighter in history. 2. JOE LOUIS: THE BROWN BOMBER PART 1 Sit in with some of boxing’s greatest names as the life and legacy of Joe Louis, ‘The Brown Bomber’, are discussed and examined. Join the likes of George Foreman and former Muhammad Ali trainer Angelo Dundee in watching and analysing action from the man who many feel is the greatest heavyweight in history. Featuring action from his biggest clashes, including his first face-off with Germany’s Max Schmeling, decide for yourself if he really was the best there’s ever been. 3. JOE LOUIS THE BROWN BOMBER PART 2 The second part of this in-depth examination of the great Joe Louis features action from some of the Champ’s toughest ever match-ups, including the 1941 slugfest with ‘The Pittsburgh Kid’Billy Conn, and an extended look at one of the most famous bouts of all time: the politically charged 1938 clash with Nazi Germany’s Champion Max Schmeling. Featuring a revealing interview with Joe’s son, this is the perfect look back at the man many still hold up as the greatest there ever was. 4. SUGAR RAY ROBINSON: POETRY IN MOTION Many boxers lay claim to greatness, but when a fighter is dubbed the greatest boxer in history by ESPN, it’s difficult to ignore. With a host of boxing experts on hand to analyse his incredible career, including his great rival Carmen Basilio, watch some of the most exciting bouts to have featured the man whose style was ‘as sweet as sugar’. Dominating the Welterweight and Middleweight divisions, Robinson was the first to be described as the ‘pound-for-pound’ best in the world. This amazing programme reveals why. 5. ROCKY MARCIANO: UNDEFEATED Rocky Marcino’s reign at the peak of the Heavyweight Division, from 1952 to 1956, stands alone as one of the greatest achievements in all of sport. Not only did Marciano retire as an undefeated Champion, but by the end of his boxing career he was undefeated in ALL his professional fights. It was a record-breaking run that in all likelihood will never be topped. Observe his unstoppable rise to the top and the lengths to which he would have to go to remain there. 6. ROCKY MARCIANO”S: GREATEST HITS On his way to boxing immortality, the undefeated Rocky Marciano had to face the very best fighters of his generation. Future Hall of Fame boxers such as Joe Louis, ‘Jersey’ Joe Walcott and Ezzard Charles were all Champions in their own right, but none could find what it took to take down ‘The Brockton Blockbuster’, Rocky Marciano. See boxing legend come alive with bruising action from some of the most exciting bouts of his glittering career. 7. SONNY LISTON”S: GREATEST HITS Stand back and admire the sheer force and punching power of ‘The Big Bear’, Sonny Liston, in this collection of his greatest ever Heavyweight displays. Few could stand toe-to-toe with Liston in his prime, and these 11 knockout bouts show exactly why he was such a force to be reckoned with. Includes action from both of his World Title fights with Floyd Patterson, as well as brutal first round KO’s of Albert Westphal, Wayne Bethea, Roy Harris and Dave Bailey. 8. ALI: THE ICONIC FIGHTS See ‘The Greatest’ as the peak of his powers, as Muhammad Ali takes on George Foreman in the heat of Zaire, followed by Joe Frazier in the Philippines. Two of the most famous fights in boxing history are examined in detail, including interviews, behind the scenes footage and of course the legendary bouts themselves. For many these were the defining fights of Muhammad Ali’s stellar career, against opponents whose own place in Boxing’s Hall of Fame is unquestionably deserved. 9. MIKE TYSON”S GREATEST HITS On his way to becoming the youngest ever Heavyweight Champ, the young Mike Tyson faced a series of boxers who, despite being more experienced, could not stand up to the blizzard of ferocious blows Tyson unleashed. A long succession of 1st and 2nd round Kos, many of them collected here, announced the arrival of a new force in the Heavyweight division, and boxing would never be the same again. 10. MIKE TYSON vs HOLMES, SPINKS, DOUGLAS Witness three of the most significant fights in ‘Iron’ Mike Tyson’s rollercoaster career, as in little over a year he took on Larry Holmes, Michael Spinks and James ‘Buster’ Douglas. It was a series of World Title fights that wold showcase the very best of the young superstar’s power, skill and ferocity, as well as the chinks in his armour that would see him lose that which he had worked so hard to attain: the Heavyweight Championship of the World. "
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Shows ESPN Classic
Brands ESPN
Release Date 05/08/2015
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Running Time (min) 872
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