Custom Autos Collection

Custom Autos Collection

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Kenny Hauk is harnessing history to create the most bad-ass, over-powered and one-of-a-kind vehicles on or off the road. Together with his team, Hauk builds machines that are inspired by historical events, eras and materials so that each one tells a rich story about America’s history.


Today, Detroit is rebounding, and leading the charge is third generation auto man Adam Genei and his company Mobsteel as they take vintage cars and turn them into modern day machines. Together with his “right hand man” Steve-O and his tough-as-nails wife Pam, Adam takes tremendous pride in his work and makes sure every ride they produce is a true reflection of the city they love.


A man with an uncanny knack for finding hidden gems under generations of decay, Charles Handler turns piles of junk into custom cars. With his right-hand man, Trey, he searches all over Louisiana, including the backwoods and the bayou, for classic cars no one wants, invests his own money to restore them, and then sells them to the highest bidder.


Lost in Transmission follows two car experts and long-time friends, Rutledge Wood and George Flanigen, as they scour the country trying to find cool, classic and off-the-wall automobiles that could use a little love to get back to their former glory. Using their extensive network of friends and fellow car enthusiasts, Rutledge and George will buy and flip these backyard clunkers, restoring them and giving the newly inspired former owner the chance to fall in love all over again and buy back the car of their dreams.

Genres Drama
Shows Road Hauks
Brands A&E
Release Date 07/08/2019
BHE Barcode 9318500082145
Language Subtitles English
Disc Aspect Ratio 16:9 FF
Audio Type Dolby Digital Stereo 2.0
No of Discs 8
Classification M
Running Time (min) 1190
Media Type DVD
Year of production Various
Box set Yes
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