Battle Creek Brawl

Battle Creek Brawl

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In his first historic feature for a Western audience, Jackie takes up the role of Jerry Kwan, a flamboyant Kung Fu expert, forced to compete in a no-holds-barred street-fighting tournament by heavy-hitting syndicate mobsters.

Crafted by the director and producer that brought you the Bruce Lee classic Enter the Dragon, Battle Creek Brawl is a stunning showcase for the remarkable physical prowess of Jackie Chan. Performing some of the fastest and most powerful Wing Chun hand techniques ever recorded on film, Jackie also stops the show with a multi-point bicycle-kick performed effortlessly without the aid of a wire!

Combining action, romance and Chan's remarkable physical comedy, Battle Creek Brawl is a dynamic martial-arts extravaganza, which is a resounding hit with fans all over the World. Now fully restored with a selection of collectable features, including a candid and revealing interview with Jackie Chan, this is one that no self-respecting action-cinema devotee should be without!

Genres Action
Shows Hong Kong Legends
Brands Hong Kong Legends
SKU 12744
Release Date 05/03/2008
BHE Barcode 9315842034498
No of Discs 1
Classification M
Media Type DVD
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